Saturday, January 24, 2009

Qualites I look For In A Friend

I felt like blogging tonight! So here it goes I have this situation I'm 98% diagnosed with an illness that I am still unaware of which illness I contain. I just want to let people in which is something I do not do often and find very personal. Lately I have been fighting my own battles with myself. This week I have found myself wanting to just come home and sleep. This is not normal if you know me. It is hard for me to express to my family how my health is and how I am feeling because my mom is fighting cancer and I don't want to make her worry or become more ill. Another thing is when I have bad or low days I find myself running away from those I know and care about. So please don't take offense just some days I feel unsure of myself because I am not myself lately. But I have been blessed to have really cool friends like Brenna and roommates. Also friends I have in my complex they have been a huge support to me. I am not skilled on computers!! So hopefully and thankfully I have a cool friend named Jeff who helps me a lot and makes me laugh with his lovely movement of his hips...haha just messing well not really it is almost 3 a.m. It has been an interesting week I have been running into good friends from my mission as well as receiving phones calls from them. I began to think about my mission and who am I am now. I decided to come with a list of "Good Qualities I look in Friends."

1. They have to be able to handle me and my randomness.

2. I want my friends to do things that make me happy. For example I have dyslexia and one of my friends read to me the other night a chapter from a book I have been trying to read. Or when one night when I wanted ice cream a friend went out and got me some. I was happy to see that that friend would do something like that for me.

3. Honesty as many know I am very blunt and say exactly what is on my mind and I expect that from a true friend.

4. I also hate to feel used or be used. I am caring person and will help people but I don't like when people take advantage of that.

5. Not judgemental or jealous. I like when my friends all get along!

6. I need friends that like music. I love music. If you don't like it I am sorry :)

7. I like friends that are willing to help me. Ones that want to be there to help me. I hate when they feel like they are obligated to.

8. Has a good sense of humor...but not too sarcastic. If they are too sarcastic problems can come about and sometimes I can not tell if you are joking or not.

9. Friends that are Happy for you and I mean Genuinely Happy for you

10. I need a friend that will be there for the long run. Basically a friend for life or eternity. Someone that won't bail out on me when I need them the most. Or come and go.