Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things that made me laugh this past couple of months

First thing, I had such a great time going to Moab and spending time with Wendy, Jonathan, Tyson, Maren and me. Getting my makeup stolen along with Jonathan's clothes by cross-dressers. I don't want to offend anyone, but they took my makeup! AHHH!!! Second, going to Oregon was a blast. Being on the border of Idaho and Oregon, I would have been so mad if I would have died before entering Oregon. I loved visiting my friend Jeff and being able to spend time with his family. Also, being in same place where they filmed Twilight, being outside of Bella's house. Another highlight, going to the cheese factory, because I LOVE cheese! Third, hiking to waterfalls. Fourth, Jeff finding a dead fish in his canoe and Jonathan splashing me with the nasty water. GROSS! Fifth, traveling to Eureka (the middle of nowhere) with Little Shannon going to a friend's wedding, reception and dance party. Dancing and being laughed at, looking like we were drunk when truthfully, everyone else was. Even requesting us to dance to Thiller when we sat out, because we didn't know how to dance like Michael Jackson, but not to disappoint we got up and danced for the crowd while they cheered us on. While everyone got wasted we decided to have our own fun and take random pictures outside the historical chapel. Then we went back to dancing. FUN, FUN, FUN! One last thing, it always makes me happy to get a call from Bruce, not knowing where he'll be next. Like instead of a game of "Where's Waldo?" it's a game of "Where's Brucy-Bruce?"


Jonathan said...

Haha... Where's Brucy-Bruce..

You need to post some of those wedding pictures!

Rosalinda said...

No, the wedding pictures are too intense to see!